The Total SDI Assessments

Do you know what your strengths are?

Do you know how they contribute to
your productivity and success?

Can you recognize when you “overdo” or misapply
your strengths and inadvertently cause conflict?

TotalSDI can help. The hidden component to all of this is motivation. Motivation affects everything:

  • how you prioritize
  • what inspires you
  • how you communicate
  • how others see you.

Knowing how motivation impacts your work can lead to greater awareness of yourself and others, more perceptive feedback and clarified expectations about work roles and relationships. Through TotalSDI, you will gain new perspectives and understand how others view you and what is expected of you; invaluable insights for any organizational role. TotalSDI can help you discover satisfying, meaningful work — right where you are.


Here are the Assessment Options available to you:

Individual Strength Deployment Inventory
Strengths Deployment Inventory
The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) digs into what is really important — people, performance and process — and how these priorities shape any given situation. The SDI highlights how people express the priorities in two conditions: when things are going well and when there is conflict or opposition.


Team SDI

Team SDIBut the SDI also goes further than the individual. It provides a Team SDI Triangle report, your results and the results of your teammates, so you can see where motives align, correspond and even conflict. This visual makes it easier for people to interpret and discuss the results, leading to greater understanding and stronger collaboration. As you work through a team’s individual and group results, you will help them learn how to better relate to others, prevent unproductive conflict and improve their own performance.


Strengths Portrait

Strengths PortraitThe next step is identifying people’s preferred behavioral strategies. The Strengths Portrait describes the strengths (behaviors) people most often use to reach their goals. The Portrait links to SDI results and motives, providing the most compelling learning and development opportunities. By combining SDI and Strengths Portrait results, you will help others gain an instant understanding of how they decide what is important and what is not. Learners in your session will see why others may have different priorities and learn to flex their communication styles and combine priorities when inevitable conflicts occur and maintain positive dialogue throughout.


Overdone Strengths PortraitOverdone Strengths Portrait

The Overdone Strengths Portrait helps you identify how people’s individual strengths — when overdone or misapplied — might disrupt productivity and trigger conflict in the workplace. The portrait gives you a tool to help people recognize and adjust these behaviors in order to collaborate more effectively and avoid the costs associated with overdoing or misapplying your strengths.



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