Jen Justis

Recently I was able to experience the brilliance of Wendy Passer. Over the course of the past year, I've made some major life changes to improve the quality of my life. Wendy took me on a most valuable journey through my memories of those months. Retelling my story with Wendy’s expert facilitation allowed me to experience it from a new perspective—to relive the milestones of my journey and to own my story. Wendy listened so intensely and it was evident that she let my responses determine her next question rather than attempting to control the course of the interview through a rigid list of predetermined questions.

The experience deepened and affirmed my learning and growth over the course of these last nine months, but also helped me see how I’d arrived at that crux in my life; the interview added dimension to my understanding that I couldn’t have attained any other way. With much genuine curiosity and enthusiasm for her subject’s experience, Wendy relentlessly pursues the nuggets of wisdom and growth in the story. Through her expert questioning techniques, she discovers what motivates her interviewees and then reflects the details back to them through a highly empowering lens. Like an archeologist, she carefully but persistently brushes away the layers shrouding the gems that you’ve discovered along the way but may not be aware that you brought back with you. Magical! This experience was a true gift. I’m so grateful for the recording. I keep listening to it, and continue to be amazed at the scope and depth of my own progress that was unclear before the interview. Thank you, Wendy!

-Jen Justis, Owner of Bliss after 40
Speaker, Trainer, Coach

Carolyn Nisenkier“You will love being coached by Wendy! She has this ability to ask such thought provoking questions and then listen to every single word said. There have been so many times she’s surfaced and pinpointed EXACTLY what I was trying to say!! Her coaching just helps me see more clearly the things that are really bothering me, so I can then figure out ways to resolve the situation and take back control. Wendy’s coaching helped me feel more empowered, especially while I was going through a transitional period.  Overall, I just feel more calm and at peace, knowing that I can handle just about any situation.”

~ Carolyn Nisenkier


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