Brain-Based Coaching


As a coach, I create the space for adults who are having some deep seeded questions about their lives. Coaching offers a safe place to ponder your present choices, reflecting on them objectively, assessing if they are putting you on the right pathway to your highest self. I either help clients invite more into their lives (purpose, fun, challenge, adventure, romance) or pare down to a more calm and balanced existence. I'm particularly interested in what becomes possible when individuals embark on this intentional process--and as a result are able to clarify, broaden, and deepen their impact on the world around them. I help clients t

  • get "unstuck" or to "untangle" problems in their lives
  • reduce feelings of being overwhelmed and strike a better balance among the competing priorities in their lives
  • find what they truly want- untethered from expectations
  • figure out which way to go when they're standing at a crossroads (career, a move, continuing education, romantic relationships)
  • be held accountable for their actions and hear another unbiased point of view

Coaching is useful in the professional and personal. 


What is coaching?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.  Coaches honor the client as the expert in his or her life and work and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole. Now that is something I can get behind!  What about you?  

Who are your clients?

I predominantly work with “growth minded” adults who are typically educators, coaches, entrepreneurs, child advocates, and/or thought leaders, who are having some deep seeded questions about their career, family, relationship, overwhelm, decision making, and/or business. They just need a safe place to reflect on their possibilities, where they can hear themselves THINK! By me asking them thought provoking questions, metaphorically reflecting back what they said, they then are able to see the things that have been keeping them up at night, with more clarity. They then can look at themselves and their choices more objectively, assessing if they are being congruent with their long-term goals, hopes, and dreams.

My clients often come to coaching because they want to work on finding more purpose in their jobs and careers.  Because these people are so dynamic and multi-layered, the conversations easily expand into finding more general fulfillment in the way they relate in interpersonal relationships, see themselves and spend their time.

Why are you a coach and researcher? 

I spent over 25 years in the media & marketing field, asking consumers questions, for my clients. Now, my questioning techniques are focused on helping my clients target themselves and their own mindset, extrapolating out their own wants and needs. I love helping my clients connect the dots to their own thoughts and get the answers that lead them to their higher selves.

So, you give advice?  

No, actually.  My job is not to give advice (as a consultant would) or to diagnose (as a therapist would); it is instead to walk alongside clients offering them helpful, outside-the-box tools to explore their own realities as THEY find their own answers!  Have you ever had someone give you advice and it’s not until you find your own way that it becomes clear what you should do?  This is what progress looks like in every call!  What a concept and so freeing! 

What do clients gain from coaching? 

Clients gain a much deeper sense of self-knowing.  They get a better understanding for their personal values, their life purpose, and their deepest desires.  As a result, clients often express a clearer sense of who they are and have a deeper understanding of how to get more out of their lives.

How is coaching different from therapy or consulting? 

Coaching often gets compared to therapy.  Coaching is unique as it allows a client to look at where they are presently and where they want to go.  The focus is on a future trajectory.  In coaching, clients are seen as "naturally creative, resourceful, and whole".  They are not diagnosed or seen as someone to be "fixed".  It is not uncommon for a person to work with a coach and a therapist simultaneously.  The services tend to complement each other very well.

Why is coaching so often done via phone? 

This work is done 90% of the time via phone for a variety of reasons.  First, it allows for the ideal coach/client match since neither coach or client is limited by geographic location.  I have one client living in South America and many living in different time zones.  Doing the coaching by phone also allows for greater convenience, efficiency, and confidentiality.  Most importantly, it's been proven that coaching is more effective when clients have the freedom to express themselves in the privacy of their own space. Both coaches and clients can access their intuition when external physical distractions are limited.

Is it worth it?

As someone who has worked with a coach (and is committed to continuing to work with a coach) and from what I hear from my clients, the answer is a resounding “YES- it’s worth it!"  Clients experience a deep sense of satisfaction from doing this work.  They are able to get more intentional about tying important decisions to clearly defined values and often are able to build stronger relationships as a result of their deeper sense of self.


Complimentary Session

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Page: ATTENTION STRESSED-OUT LEARNERS:Page: ATTENTION STRESSED-OUT LEARNERS:carolyn's testimonial picture“You will love being coached by Wendy! She has this ability to ask such thought-provoking questions and then listen to every single word said. There have been so many times she’s surfaced and pinpointed EXACTLY what I was trying to say!! Her coaching just helps me see more clearly..."


Jen Justis"Recently I was able to experience the brilliance of Wendy Passer. Over the course of the past year, I've made some major life changes to improve the quality of my life. Wendy took me on a most valuable journey through my memories of those months. Retelling my story with Wendy’s expert facilitation allowed me to experience it from a new perspective—to relive the milestones of my journey and to own my story. Wendy listened so intensely..."

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